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As tensions grow in Iraq, Obama heads out to the links

Obama's gotta go
Obama's gotta go
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A short time ago, President Obama made a statement on the South Lawn of the White House about the growing crisis in Iraq. His remarks were by and large a rehashing of his comments yesterday. He reiterated that the U.S. will not be sending in ground forces and that it was up to the Iraqis to stand on their own two feet, which is easier said than done. Even if the various ethnic factions that comprise Iraq's diverse population are able to come together, the enemy they are facing, the ISIS/ISIL, has been described as far more dangerous and bloodthirsty than even al Qaeda. The group, moreover, is not the ragtag agglomeration Obama has intimated it is. Rather, it is a well-organized and as of yesterday — when the group knocked over a bank in Mosul and made off with $400 million — well-financed operation.

As the president spoke, one of the iterations of Marine One stood on the lawn behind him, but it was more than just a prop. Soon after Obama ended his remarks, and he and his missus boarded the helicopter to begin a four-day weekend, much of it rest and relaxation.

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller explained in a tweet (h/t Twitchy):

From ND, Pres Obama heads to CA for a long weekend that includes golf in Palm Springs, another commencement & Dem fundraiser on Saturday.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) June 12, 2014

Someone who tweets under the name Cory tweeted back:

@markknoller Maybe the folks in Iraq will put their little civil war on hold for the weekend?

— Cory (@bdcory) June 12, 2014

Years ago, Mad Magazine, back when it was still under the creative control of founder Harvey Kurtzman and the legendary cartoonist Will Elder, typically portrayed President Dwight Eisenhower with a golf club slung over his shoulder as he conducted a press conference. How would Kurtzman and Elder depict the current commander-in-chief if they were still alive? And how long would it take for the NSA to start monitoring their private conversations?

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