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As summer leaves us, get ready for school and bring out your crock pot!


  • RU Barbara Walters or June Cleaver. 5 years ago

    I thought you were going to write about some controversial topics, Kel. "Yes! She is getting on top of things! Kellie, you are doing it!" And you came back with a story about crock pot cooking? COME ON! If you are going to be June Cleaver, get a black lace apron and a diamond encrusted halter top!

    This is BORING.


  • Kai 5 years ago

    I appreciate the encouragement and ideas. As one who often leaves the crock pot in the cupboard, I think I might go out and buy a new one with a timer.

    Thanks for mixing it up. Can't be controversial all the time:) That would be too predictable.

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