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As Seen on TV products are at unbeatable savings from

Hide you key discretely with this fake rock. On it is only $2.15.
Hide you key discretely with this fake rock. On it is only $2.15.

It is impossible to watch television without saying info marshals for products that solve a common household problem. Every one of them dazzles the viewer with the product performance and inventiveness. In fact, you are promised a second one for free if you simply agree to pay the additional shipping and processing fees.

Calling the magical toll-free line or visiting the special website leaves the consumer into an array of questions from the automated attendant designed to upsell the consumer. What many expect to be a quick process is very time-consuming and results in the consumer spending more money than they had planned. offers the same As Seen on TV products at tremendous savings, sometimes as much as 80 to 85% off the price shown on television. Here are some examples:

  • Perfect Bacon Bowl is the envy of every man is testosterone seems to crave the flavor of bacon. The price advertised on the neat little contraption that turns a few slices of bacon into a bowl worthy of any omelet, soufflé or muffin is $19.99 on television.’s price is only five dollars, less of the processing and handling fee on television.
  • With summer coming you may be interested in the Magic Mesh Screen Door closure. This is the one that allows you to leave the screen door open while the mesh screen prevents flying pests from entering. Each time the dog, kids, cat or adult enters or leaves through the screen and automatically latch is behind them with the use of magnetic catches. On television it sells for $14.99 but offers the same product at $9.77.

Free shipping is available to Amazon Prime members or if your order exceeds $35. Standard shipping to the Detroit area generally takes three days or less.

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