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As Reaganism rocks Wisconsin’s economy, moderates, liberals look to profit

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In just three years Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin demonstrated the vast gulf that lies between liberal economics and conservative economics. Wisconsin was a Democrat state living on Obamanomics running a huge deficit that was driving the economy into bankruptcy. Gov. Walker made reforms using Reaganomics that turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $910 billion surplus in just three years.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate, like Texas that has not wavered from Reaganomics, is now lower than any Democrat run state, and that includes people the federal government say are no longer looking for work. The national unemployment rate Obama lauds is reported to be 6.7%. But if the twelve million people who had jobs five years ago that have dropped out of the workforce were still counted, unemployment would be over 12%.

The issue that has now arisen in the Wisconsin legislature is a battle between conservatives on one side and moderates and liberals on the other. Walker and the conservatives say the surplus is the people’s money and should be returned to the taxpayer. Moderates in his party and liberal Democrats say it is their money and they should spend it the way they want. This is the same battle that is going on in Washington between TEA Party conservatives against Republican moderates and Democrat liberals.

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