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As President Jeb Bush would govern like who?

Another mis-step by would be presidential candidate Jeb Bush?
Another mis-step by would be presidential candidate Jeb Bush?
Photo by Andy Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the brother of President George W. Bush, either really wants to be president or he really doesn't want to run for president, depending on how one reads his recent statements. He recently made some insane statements about his views on granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Now, Jeb Bush has declared, Breitbart News reports, that he would govern liberal hero Lyndon Johnson as president.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was one of the worst presidents we've ever had. He was as dishonest and corrupt and abused authority as Richard Nixon did, and he was as progressive in his policies and pushed failed big government policies more than Franklin Roosevelt did. He also micro-managed, or badly mismanaged, the Vietnam War, costing us tens of thousands of needless casuatlies and turning a winnable war into a losing effort. If you were running for president, you couldn't possibly pick a worse example to say “If I become president I”ll govern like he did.” That last thing we want or need, especially after eight year of Barack Obama, is another president that would govern like Johnson.

“He went and he cajoled, he begged, he threatened, he loved, he hugged, he did what leaders do, which is they personally get engaged to make something happen,” Breitbart reports Jeb Bush as saying in a recent speech.

This is stupidity, unless one believes that Jeb Bush is saying these things to disqualify himself from running because perhaps he really doesn't actually want to run for president. Bush had a solid record as governor of Florida, some years ago, but since then he's been aligning himself more with liberal Republicans and sounding very much like a RINO himself.

Either way, Jeb Bush has no chance of being elected president in 2016. Unless it's just to enjoy the media attention he gets, the liberal media loves to cover him and activists on the far left love to tell us how badly he would lose to Hillary, he might as well give up on even pretending to be a presidential candidate.

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