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As Mother's Day nears, make the most of its PR and marketing potential

With Mother's Day less than a week away, it's a great time to remind people that it's not too late to think of mom--and the product or service you offer.
Wednesday Journal, Inc.

Mother's Day is soon upon us, but it's not too late to still create some thematic marketing and public relations tie-ins to your product, service or organization.

Have a nursery and garden center? Then position your next advertisement to remind folks that they can buy mom a plant-or flower-inspired gift with a quick visit to your location. That's the tweak that Inside Edge PR made this week for the Nursery & Garden Center that complements the headquarters of McAdam Landscaping in Forest Park (see accompanying image, from a Wednesday Journal, Inc. proof).

Father-son stories are more common in business and sports, so when you have a mother-daughter connection in those arenas, that's one way to distinguish your story from competitors. Amway Executive Diamond Darlene Nelsen and her daughter, Nicole Erickson, have both enjoyed significant success working with World Wide Group (WWDB), a business tie-in that is particularly timely now in the midst of Spring Leadership conferences that World Wide is providing for Independent Business Owners.

Fitness clubs, to cite another example, can highlight the benefit that comes with mom and daughter encouraging each other on to better health. With Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Burr Ridge, we had just such a duo about five years ago.

The mother bought the daughter a 12-pack of personal fitness sessions, and her resulting dedication--with key support from a personal trainer at Five Seasons--led to a dramatic transformation for the daughter. It all occurred shortly after she had her first child. Four months later, she got her doctor's green light to start working out. Eighteen months later, she was 30 pounds below her pre-pregnancy weight.

The account paved the way to share the trainer's health-and-wellness philosophy as well as her impressive professional credentials. "I enjoy helping people get healthier," the trainer said. "We have one life to live, and I like to help people make the most of it."

Making the most of it--that's the same principle that underlies paying heed to these calendar moments because they teem with opportunity to promote your cause or company. With some focused brainstorming that seeks to align with your strategic communications plan, you can provide your clients with the media attention they crave while offering the media with timely material that they can actually use.

Whether you seized the Mother's Day moment or not, keep scanning the horizon for upcoming opportunities: note that Memorial Day is earlier than usual, on May 26th, while a few other near-term dates to have in mind are Flag Day (Saturday, June 14th) and, of course, Father's Day the following day, on Sunday, June 15th.

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