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As I Lay Dying singer pleads guilty

Tim Lambesis
Tim Lambesis

ABC 10 News in San Diego is reporting today that Tim Lambesis of the rock band As I Lay Dying has pleaded guilty to participating in a murder-for-hire case where he is accused of commissioning another man to kill his wife. If convicted, he could spend a maximum of nine years in prison and also end up paying a $10,000 fine.

A San Diego undercover police officer arrested Lambesis last May when the performer started looking for a hit man to snuff out his estranged wife, Meggan, whom he’d been married to for eight years. Lambesis had requested the San Diego Superior Court to dissolve their marital union the prior September.

Lambesis is said to have given this undercover officer $1,000 in cash at the time, in addition to directions on how to commit the killing. Following his arrest, Lambesis had originally pleaded not guilty. Initially, Lambesis’ lawyer had blamed steroids for the aggressive rock singer’s violent intentions.