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As I Get Ready to Say Adios, Cuernavaca

The view of Cuernavaca from my school
The view of Cuernavaca from my school
Photo by C. Keach

As my time as a resident of Mexico winds down, I've been thinking about what I'm going to miss:

1.  Mi familia Mexicana- The woman and her daughters I've been living with have been wonderful.  They welcomed me into their family with open arms.

2.  My housemate, classmate and new good friend, Kat.  She has been a great help to me, using her Spanish skills when mine have failed.  We've become like sisters and I'll always be thankful for her.

3.  Thinking in Spanish.  I really don't want to lose the skills I've gained here.  In an effort to keep studying, I've bought several kids' books in Spanish to take home. 

4.  The food.  I wish I could cook like my Mexican Mama!

5.  My teachers and fellow classmates at Chac-Mool.  They have been patient and helpful every step of the way.

6.  Shopping at El Mercado and marveling at the skill with which these people make their items.

7.  The excitement that comes with discovering something new, whether it's climbing the pyramids and watching dancers in the center of town or dancing to YMCA at the disco while holding balloons and dodging kids.

8.  The constant giggling, talking, and chaos of living in a house with 2 other adults and 4 kids.

And here are some of the things I'm looking forward to enjoying when I get home:

1.  Watching the news...and understanding it.

2.  The size of my house.  My room in Mexico is comfortable and clean, but very small.

3.  A strong cup of tea.  I've had tea every morning, but it's been a cup of water thrown into the microwave until it boils.  This has been good, but I miss my heavy-duty, kettle-boiling cup of caffeine.

4.  Not having to think so much in Spanish.

5.  A frozen margarita with ice I don't have to worry about having.

6.  American streets.  The driving here feels a bit dangerous, like I'm taking my life in my hands when I cross the road.  The system works for the Mexicans, but it scares me.

7.  Driving.  Here we walk everywhere or take taxis.  While walking has been good for me, it hasn't done anything for my weight and I'm still winded when I walk to the top of the hills on my path to school. 

8.  Silence in the house.


  • Christy 5 years ago

    Makes me want to take a trip!

  • Lexi Connor 5 years ago

    Sounds like you've enjoyed yourself. Thanks for the articles! I can't wait to read about the rest of your trip.

  • Gary 5 years ago

    Yes, thanks for the articles. I enjoyed them. Have a safe trip home.

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