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As economy improves more people are landing jobs

The economy is slowing improving and more people are getting jobs. They are more willing to leave jobs that are less satisfactory and pursue more enticing opportunities.

"I worked in fast food for about five years. I am hoping to go to work for a more upscale restaurant. Hopefully I will be able to earn more money in tips than I have worked behind a counter," said Raymond Morgan.

"As the economy improves, more people will receive better job offers. I am seeing people leaving my retail store to go after management level positions that offer more opportunity for advancement," said Steven Held.

"I am glad that more people are getting hired because that means more money for everyone. I work in a restaurant and I depend on tips for my livelihood. If more people are working and getting bigger paychecks, that means more money for me," said Brandy Manfred.

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