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As debate over Arizona law rages, media downplays act of war by illegal immigrant

Many different people have many different feelings about Arizona's new immigration law. Many patriots are hopeful that it will help repair a broken economy, border, and justice system, many liberals are enraged, feeling it is racist, discriminatory, and profiling, many Libertarians are fearful that it is a dangerous expansion of police power which won't solve the long term problem, one which they see as economic, rather than cultural or legislative.

Yet in Pinal county, Arizona, outrageous events were undertaken to remind us that illegal immigration is at it's heart an issue related to the Spanish American war, as an "undocumented" immigrant has committed what is by all shades of international law, an irrefutable act of war against the United States of America:

53 year old Louie Puroll, A sheriff's Deputy was released from the hospital Friday, and thankfully has lived to tell his tale.

While patrolling the national territory of the State of Arizona on duty, he found large quantities of Marijuana. In the course of performing his job, five men armed with rifles opened fire upon him, and he returned fire.

However, he was wounded and overpowered because of a painfully obvious reality: Law enforcement is equipped to handle criminals, not paramilitary or military squadrons.

The illegal aliens escaped, and are yet to be located. It is by no means a stretch of the imagination to presume the aggressors fled into Mexico. What is a stretch, is the sort of rhetoric which continues to float regarding Arizona's attempts to strengthen it's borders and improve it's own and national security.

The Spanish-American War is the beginning of the story of illegal immigration, as those familiar with the term reconquista will know. Territories were won which belonged to Spain, and ever since the population of Mexico has defied our Nation's law, insulted our sovereignty, and crossed into this land without impunity or hesitation. The Mexican government encourages illegal immigration by, among other things, teaching that this was the "Mexican-American war" and that these lands, agreed upon in the post-war treaty terms, were "stolen" by the US. This alone, the violation of treaty terms, is grounds under international law for a resumption of conflict. And if we look back to the Spanish-American war, we see that it was started by an accidental powder discharge, coupled with political tensions much tamer than those existing between the two Nations today.The deliberate shooting of an American peace officer by a military unit, whether that of a cartel or government, was no accidental discharge. It was indeed military in nature, as average criminals even when armed with military rifles, do not presume to exercise authority over law enforcement, rather to defy the due authority.

Shooting an intruder upon their stash is an exercise of territorial might by these drug smugglers, And when indeed they not only accosted and assaulted the officer with military weaponry, but also shot at a police helicopter, we begin to see a clear rationale behind the two most recent Arizona laws to spark controversy: the Border conflict is progressing in Arizona from mass defiance to outright war. The intention behind authorizing the stopping of vehicles over immigration status is not akin to 1941 Germany, but to 2007 Baghdad. The repeal of concealed carry requirements for Arizona citizens is a tacit deputization of the unorganized militia (defined under title 10 of the United States Code as all able bodied, male Citizens between ages 17 and 45), a belief permeating law enforcement and state government that the average citizen might need to be armed if this conflict escalates much further.

The people of the State of Arizona have to pursue their own interests, and it is not the place of others in this nation to condemn them for having the courage to run their State in an effective manner.

Every individual has a right to protect the borders of his property, and every community has a right to enforce it's regulations and protect it's denizens. Likewise, every State- whether or not it belongs to a voluntary Union with others - has a right to assert it's sovereignty and protect it's citizens by patrolling it's borders. This is what Arizona has done, with two clear responses from the Mexican Nation: those citizens residing in Mexico have declared war against Arizona and the Union with direct physical action, and those residing in the United States have chosen their side in the war upon it,  through economic boycott.

Though war is always a tragic and devastating occurrence, it is indeed an Armed Conflict instigated by militant forces and supported by the masses with which Americans have been presented, through violated border, socio-economic thuggery, and the gunning of those brave Americans risking themselves to protect this Nation at home. The beginning of any solution to this crisis must be the reclamation of the media from those who refuse to mention the very criminal nature of border violations, and using the proper terms to describe the facts, rather than cowering behind political correctness. Only firm response and hard-ball diplomacy will prevent a war with a Nation which never quit fighting one.


  • RandyMack 5 years ago

    Great post, and well written. Yes I agree that this is an imminent crisis; yes I agree that much more needs to be done and aggressively; yes I agree that it is a government problem, and that each state has the DUTY to protect it's citizens; yes I also agree that there is dangerous ground being tread right now. As history has shown us, laws used today against a single group, for a specific purpose are ALWAYS used against EVERYONE eventually. The purpose of government is to maintain and expand the power it has. Government is force, plain and simple, and when it has no where else to exert that force, it eventually turns on those it supposedly represents. I oppose biometric and any enhanced ID system being used against the American people......yet our Constitution does not protect or extend to illegal immigrants. It only defends the freedoms and rights of those under it's jurisdiction, which is natural and naturalized citizens. Anyone who disagrees needs to go back and read the document.

  • shaun cusack 5 years ago

    Mexicans have violated our borders and repeatly acted in hostile ways for decades. This is one of the most blatant cases of agresive attacks on a the AZ deputy sheriff Puroll that I've ever seen in my life. It is unbelievable to me that our goverment in DC has not replied to these attacks. Troops with mortars and heavy artillery should be placed on the border along with tanks to deal with the invading armies. It is time Obama acted like a real President and not a puppet of Mexico.
    Well done on this one.

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