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As american democracy fails, gop spends tax money on benghazi and obamacare

The year American democracy took a fatal blow was November 2000. The presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore was settled through the court system, thus triggering conservative rulings from a Conservative majority Supreme Court. One person, one vote had fallen to the votes of a court.

This was an unprecedented occurrence that should have first been investigated by the Department of Justice and FBI before being turned over to the Supreme Court. The numerous accounts of the State of Florida voter fraud, ballot discrepancy and destruction should have been addressed by the Justice Department.

Actually the U.S. Constitution authorizes Congress to settle any election disputes. Legal or illegal election transactions would be determined prior to Congressional review.

Back to that in a moment, first let's take a look at the end result of Supreme Court intervention in favor of GOP issues.

After the 2000 election, congressional committees had less significance. By the emergence of the TEAParty in 2010, committees had been rendered near useless because there is no bipartisan aspirations.

Special congressional committees require leadership, compromise and professionalism, but when party ideologies and lobbyist money intervenes, very little legislating is accomplished.

These committees began to take on theatrical characteristics and very partisan, usually GOP run. This should have given birthers and 'he's a Muslim' crowd a clue, that if there had been validity to their assumptions, these committees would have definitely used tax payers time and money on those issues. Campaign contributions were more appetizing than Kenya or Islam, but never the less, democracy was under siege.

The Patriot Act in 2001 over ruled long standing search and seizure by probable cause to unfiltered search by suspicion. This included invasion of personal emails, text, phone or any communication deemed a threat to national security.

Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 further damaged an ideal democratic nation. The Voting Rights Act of 2013 ruled minorities were no longer discriminated against while casting votes in the midst of GOP redrawing districts, shortening voting periods and pushing for photo I.d.s

In April 2014, the Mccutcheon vs Federal Election Campaign was ruled by the Supreme Court, that campaign contribution limits were unconstitutional.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the end of democracy would occur when the government fell into the hands of the lending institutions.

Obamacare became synonymous with GOP work ethics or nonwork ethics, depending on your point of view. Benghazi, instead of honoring friends and family of the four deceased Americans with memorials, foundations or congressional gifts, GOP rehashes the tragedy as a political ball game, heartless.

There has been not one administration without foreign diplomat disasters.

Case in point, research Reagan Administration, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon, 241 American servicemen died from an explosive laden truck driven into Marine barracks by terrorists.

Clinton Administration, U.S.S. Cole was attacked by terrorists using a bomb laden boat, killing 17 American sailors. The attack took place in the Yemen port of Aden ripping a 40 foot hole on the side of the Navy destroyer October 2000.

George W. Bush, September 2001...2,997 killed, Riyadh Compound bombing kills 9 Americans in Saudi Arabia.

Somehow Benghazi is an exclusive attack on Obama's Administration and not the U.S., where as all other attacks have been attacks against the presence of the U.S.

Boehner schedules inquiry on Benghazi while millions seek jobs, education and immigration systems need rehaul to be appropriate for the 21st Century. Environment and climate change need addressing, privacy laws, gun violence, marijuana laws, same sex marriage and economic issues remain unresolved.

The reason, no regard for the American people or democracy itself. The principle aspiration and purpose of a democracy was to promote equality, justice, prosperity and happiness to the citizens of the U.S. by the Founding Fathers.

Capitalism was the economic choice to achieve that goal along with democracy by the architects of America. But, capitalism has become bigger than democracy, even bigger than the citizens. It now serves itself through corporate representation and the financial industry. American democracy is dying and unless intelligent intervention occurs, it'll be dead within the coming years.

The GOP take on democracy dying is democracy can die, but they must keep capitalism alive, especially in their pockets. Truth is, capitalism without democracy is a spiral death to a great nation, a nation of laws.

The federal government had given States authority over elections, even federal elections, but clearly the error of 2000 has been too costly. The Bush vs Gore election should have legally been decided by recount or recast of Florida votes. The electoral votes would have been sent to the seat of the federal government and opened by the President of the Senate as described in the Twelfth Amendment.

The behavior in the social and economic systems of the U.S. has not gone unnoticed by other nations.

North Korea, a nation of few citizens rights, recently blast the U.S. as a living hell, disguised as a world beacon. North Korea expressed the racial disparities in the U.S., massive gun killings, high unemployment and get ready for this, political ineptness, marred with corporate money in politics, corruption and hypocracy.

America is better than that in theory, it must be achieved as a truly exceptional way of life for all American citizens.

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