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As a "Divorced Dad", Father's Day is one of my favorite holidays!

Single Dads have a big responsibility AND a big reward in helping their kids be their best.
Single Dads have a big responsibility AND a big reward in helping their kids be their best.

Father’s Day is intended to be a joyful day, filled with all the afternoon-napping, pipe-smoking, slipper-getting characteristics found on a Life Magazine cover in the 1950’s. For some families, this is the case and I'm delighted for them but...

For other Father's Day celebrants, it can be a day of missing that "perfect family". It can be a day that becomes one filled with self-pity, guilt trips and “might-have-beens” rather than squeals of delight from the kids as they bring you your newspaper and annual dress shirt and necktie gift. “Are you surprised Dad?!”

I for one, and as one, salute those of us who are single dads on Father's Day. (I consider myself a single father even though my kid's mother is a part of their lives too.) Whether you're a full-time or a weekend-only divorced dad, you're still your kid’s dad every hour of every day. Your value as a good dad is priceless to a son growing into adulthood. He needs to see you take care of your family and show him how to take on the world with morals and virtues. And daughters need to see your example of gentlemanliness and respect for women of all ages. No one can do this better than their “daddy”! Our “guiding light” needs to shine even brighter and stronger than when you were part of a two-parent family.

If your kid's can share this day with you in person, hooray! Here are a few local Lawrence suggestions… For younger children, try the Family Storytime at the Lawrence Public Library on Sunday afternoons 3:30-4:00pm in the Children’s Room. Who knows… Ms. Umholtz may let you read a page or two in front of your kids. They’d be so proud! How about a day at the ballpark?! Check out the KC T-Bones special events this weekend at their home baseball stadium at the Legends near the Kansas Speedway. To me, it’s more fun than the major league… and a lot more affordable! A lazy afternoon at Clinton Lake on a rented pontoon boat or a cool dip in the lake water is sure to get conversations started about the “old days” when you were a kid. (I think kid’s like to hear about that more than they let on.)

If your kids can’t be with you in person this Father’s Day, whatever the reason, celebrate anyway. Indulge in a “sleepy siesta in the shady breeze”. Doze off remembering all the best memories of your life which almost always include the kids!

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