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Aruba- Venture inland for some incredibly beautiful sites

Aruba is well known for it's gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters, but if you visit there, make sure you take some time to explore inland where you will find a number of hidden gems!

Chapel of Alto Vista, near Noord, Aruba.
Chapel of Alto Vista, near Noord, Aruba.
Marie DeWolfe

One of the places you want to make time to see in Aruba, is the Chapel of Alto Vista, which means "highest view", and is one of the most precious landmarks on the island . It stands above the north shore of the sea and just a few miles northwest of the town of Noord, Aruba.

The Chapel of Alto Vista was built in 1750 and was the island's first Roman Catholic Church. Even if you're not a religious person, you can appreciate the architecture and the beauty of the hand carved alter. The area exudes a feeling of peace and tranquility and a view that is simply incredible.

The locals do have a sign at the entrance requesting that you dress appropriately as this is one of their places of worship, which basically means, don't go into the chapel with a bikini on or no shirt or shoes.

When you enter the Chapel, your eyes are immediately drawn to the alter at the front of the church. The ancient Spanish cross that is displayed there is one of the oldest European art pieces in the Dutch Caribbean. At the front of the church on both sidewalls, are tables filled with candles, with many of those lit, in remembrance of loved ones that have passed on.

The Chapel is surrounded by a rock fence and in the front you will find numerous stone benches arranged in such a way that those sitting on them, can easily see inside the chapel and hear the service.

It doesn't take but a few moments to explore this small church, but the history surrounding it and the beauty of it's location, makes it well worth the time. Services are still held here every week and it's also available for weddings for anyone planning a destination wedding.

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