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Arts of Cobb offers many classes for kids and adults in Marietta Square

Drama lessons
Drama lessons
Photo courtesy of Arts of Cobb

Arts of Cobb
19 Powder Springs Street
Marietta, Georgia 30064
(770) 425-9660

Arts of Cobb is a multipurpose studio located in historic Marietta Square. It’s not hard to find, but if you stand in front of the Marietta Pizza Kitchen and look right- You can’t miss it.

Arts of Cobb is operated by Lauren McBride, although the students prefer to call her, “Miss Lala.” Miss Lala is children’s music teacher, but her studio is a place for visual arts, theater, ceramics and more. Adults also study magic, pilates, yoga, and fencing. There is a lot to do at Arts of Cobb, private lessons, parties, fund raisers whatever the community needs even if the community doesn’t yet realize what they have.

Arts of Cobb is in transition. Like many art spaces, Cobb, has been forced to change locations due to changing rent and public interest. The core of this shop has always been the same though, children and the the arts. Lala offers art lessons and music lessons for toddlers and young children the same as she has for years. However, now she also has a magician, a ceramicist, and a yoga instructor share her space. Hopefully, this location, with its foot traffic and wealth of space will be the permanent stop for Arts of Cobb.

Lala’s family exposed her to the arts at an early age. She joined her school’s chorus and eventually joined a very successful chorale group in Indianapolis as an adult. When her family settled in Georgia she put her skills to use in local church choirs. She continued to teach music to pre-school age children in her own space, adding art classes and drama classes, too. Some of her students and their parents have remained loyal to Arts of Cobb for years.

Along the way, the square footage has doubled. At this location there is room for a stage, where Lala directs her own productions of classic tales, like Peter Pan. There are parts in the show for any kid, any age, as long as they want to act. Arts of Cobb is kind of an “anything goes” operation. Visitors will see clay sculptures, handmade accessories for sale, and stage decorations all over the place. There is something for everyone.

Here is a brief list of the classes offered or recently offered at Arts of Cobb: Children’s theatre, Piano Prep / Music Education, Pottery, Fencing, Teen and Adult Theatre, Yoga / Pilates, Talent Night, Paint on Canvas, and Runway Modeling. But there is actually more. Lala is always looking for ways to get young folks in the studio, including a charity program called, ‘Art With Heart.” This project brings art opportunities to adults with special needs, as well as provides student artwork to decorate local hospitals.

For people interested in getting involved at Arts of Cobb, there is plenty of information on the website. Lala has even more information, though, so it is not a bad idea to simply stop by the shop.


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