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Arts Naples Metamorphosis

Metamorhosis Fashion Show
Mariapia Malerbo

Russian theatrical/Opera producer, Nadia Artman put on “Metamorphosis” a theatrical fashion event this past weekend in Naples. This fashion show was put on by ‘Arts Naples’ which is a charity designed to put on cultural and artistic events in Naples, FL. Nadia Artman is a board member and Naples resident. The event was held at the beautiful Naples botanical gardens.

The music, lighting and video backdrop was breathtaking and full of energy making the whole event feel part fashion show part rock opera. The designer is a fascinating woman named Mariapia (yes that is pronounced maria-peeah). She handcrafted every dress made from recycled materials such as foam, synthetic hair, plastic spoons and recycled plastics to name just a few. This environmentally friendly or green fashion show was also aimed at raising people’s awareness on what exactly recyclable materials can be used for.

The show started with a dancer breaking out of a cocoon in a white body suit and danced down the runway whirling her arms and creating an affect that was stunning and alluring. The first of 15 models came out with a bang in a stunner of an outfit followed by the next until about the third woman came out in a beautiful yellow dress and then began playing the violin. Everyone in the crowd was entranced by the movement of each model and how the dresses presented themselves as Avant Gard and chillingly beautiful.

Nadia was the last to rock the carpet in a soft pale gray/purple feather dress as her two twin girls tossed feathers out of a basket. The final point in the show was when the butterfly emerged in her long 40 ft. silk wings covering the runway and a blast of confetti.

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Mariapia Malerba =

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