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Instant Encore helps arts organizations get mobile-ready
Instant Encore helps arts organizations get mobile-ready
Instant Encore

The live theatrical performance business faces new obstacles today. One of the most conspicuous of those is the need to persuade new audiences to get out of the house, away from the TV and iPad and come see living, breathing performers in person. Sometimes it’s a tough sell.

At the annual conference of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters ( in New York, one exhibitor offered a compelling solution. Instant Encore ( builds mobile apps designed to help arts presenters create and cultivate long term relationships with audience members, in an effort to turn one-time ticket buyers into regular arts attendees.

Arts organizations were relatively slow to adopt technology in the past. Now that they’ve all caught up, and nearly all performing artists and organizations have a traditional web presence, the whole world has gone mobile, creating a new challenge. Smartphones are rapidly becoming people’s favorite way to discover and purchase entertainment, but ordinary static web pages are nearly impossible to use on a smartphone. Nearly every technology guru now agrees, mobile is taking over as the world’s favorite way to get information. Smartphone sales passed PC sales several years ago and tablets passed PC sales last year.

According to David Dombrosky, Chief Marketing Officer of Instant Encore, when an arts organization offers a mobile app to current and prospective audience members, they make their offerings easier for people to choose. That, in turn, helps build a lasting relationship that has the potential to stimulate frequent repeat attendance.
Individual artists can take advantage of Instant Encore apps, too. When an artist’s fans start using an artist’s iPhone or Android app, they can get alerts on their phones about upcoming performances and get access to ticket buying sites right on the same phone.

Because Instant Encore is offered as a cloud-based technology platform, both artists and presenters can easily and economically offer fully mobile-ready access to fans without getting tied up in expensive custom app development and deployment. Accounts on Instant Encore cost as little as $50 per month, depending on the size of the act or organization. But for artists and presenters with an eye toward building future audiences, this could be the perfect time to get fully mobile ready.

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