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Arts at the University of Indianapolis

Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center
Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center
Nayt Rundquist

Throughout the year, the University of Indianapolis presents many opportunities to enjoy excellent displays of artistic talent for the public to enjoy. Whether your tastes lean toward music, theater, the visual arts, or even prose and poetry, you can easily find something of interest to you on campus. Almost all of the performances are free; however, for some shows, the cost of a ticket is around ten dollars.

The University of Indianapolis plays host to many wonderful musicians, artists, and performers. Fabulous musical performances can be witnessed in the Ruth Lilly Performance Hall almost every night of the week. Performers range in caliber from elementary students in the Young Musicians and Dancers concerts to renowned performers and conductors like Maestro Raymond Leopard who has worked with orchestras and choruses the world over. For more information on the music department, click here.

The art galleries on campus feature student works as well as the works of artists from many countries including Master Au Ho-Nien of China who is featured in the basement of the Schwitzer Student Center. Scattered about campus, one can also find many sculptures, paintings and other forms of visual art created by former students as well as well as more well known artists. The art can be enjoyed simply by walking around the campus. For more information on the art department, click here.

The Theater department puts on amazing performances of a wide range of literature, including classics such as Shakespeare's "As You Like It", and the Greek play "Trojan Women" to more current shows like "Bedroom Farce" and student directed one-act plays. These performances range from the traditional theatrical shows in Ransburg Auditorium to black box theater shows to the ever popular dinner theater shows held once a year. For more information on the theater department, click here.

About four times a semester, the English department brings in published authors and poets to give readings of their work and share helpful tips for aspiring writers in what is known as the Kellogg Writers' Series. The University has hosted Poet Laureates and well known authors from all over the world. For more information on the English department, click here.

All of these different forms of arts and performances can be found all over campus throughout the entire year. If you have not yet, take some time soon to find your way to the University of Indianapolis campus and take in some of the arts, you will not regret the experience.


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