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Arts and is a Bavarian company, who create unique fragrances. The company is artistic. This creative energy flows from the outreach of their web site to the fragrances in our hand and while no mention is made in any of the Arts and Scents media which we have thus far perused, some of the perfumes do have an aromatherapeutic quality.

Recently, we were sent the following, in consideration of a review:

A Day in Grasse is comprised of natural aromas. It hints of wood and grass. There is also a slight smoky smell.

Cuero De Mexico is a celebratory essence. It's very joyful!

Dream of India is slightly citrus, slightly floral. It sprays on strong, then, slightly dissipates.

Fantastic Green Bird made us slightly dizzy. Sprays strong, then fades.

Green Sea Coral is complex, yet playful.

Light of Ormuz is dynamic for an essence.

My Steel Flowers are floral, of course. Don't ask us to elaborate. But, we feel that the floral has an echo to it. We might have named this, "Floral Echo." Just sayin'.

Night & Dawn smells of sticky caramel. It's sweet, yet, slightly bitter. It also has a slightly woody musk. It's almost as if this perfume is bipolar.

Wild Cat Musk is musky, but feint.

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