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Arts and crafts supply to sell on eBay - Perler beads

Perler beads provide hours of entertainment for kids.
Perler beads provide hours of entertainment for kids.

Perler beads are small fusible plastic beads that are placed on plastic forms to create colorful designs. This type of craft became very popular in the US in the late 1990s. Once the design is completed, the beads are melted together using a clothing iron to create jewelry, magnets, key chains, or ornaments. On eBay in the crafts category, it is common to see mixed lots of Perler beads, forms, accessories, or even completed projects for sale. Add Perler beads to your BOLO (be on the lookout) list when shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or flea markets for items to sell on eBay. You might be shocked at just how much a batch of plastic arts and crafts supplies sells for on eBay.

Perler beads were invented in 1958 and the pegboards followed in the late 1960’s. Kids love doing Perler bead projects because they can be creative, make a project that lasts for years, and it keeps them busy for hours. There are two ways to make the flat projects. Using a clear board, place a stencil underneath the board and follow the pattern, using the colors to match the stencil or substituting the desired colors. Or, use a form in the shape of an object such as an animal, star, flower, or cartoon character, then fill in the beads as desired. Three-dimensional items like bowls, Christmas ornaments, or jewelry can also be made.

eBay shows 113 listings for sold Perler beads in used condition. Many are lots including a variety of supplies such as the actual Perler beads, peg boards, templates, design books, organizer cases, and key chains. The most expensive lot sold for $51, on auction with 16 bids. Arts and craft supplies are great to pick up in gently used condition and batch together then sell on eBay. Budget-conscious parents are constantly in the market for less expensive ways to keep their kids entertained. Low-tech arts and crafts are still popular. Daycare centers, homeschoolers, and summer camps often buy supplies on eBay and are looking for a deal. And, consumables are a great type of product to sell, because they get used up and the customer returns to eBay to purchase more.