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Arts and crafts projects for the one year old in your family

Finger Painting
Finger Painting
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Children start developing from the day that they are born. They learn by their 5 senses. Arts and crafts are a great way to teach your child in different ways. They can learn by feeling the objects and helping you with the craft. Here are a few easy ideas for your one year old.

Finger Painting
Small children like to get messy. Some children will love playing in the finger paints and others will shy away from this activity a bit. You can use household items that are safe if they put them in their mouth. Use chocolate or lemon pudding for painting. The kids can also smell of the lemon for an added learning tool during this activity. You can let them finger paint with paints also just watch that they do not place their little fingers in their mouth. They can paint on paper or just enjoy doing it on a large tray that you later wash off entirely.

Making a copy of your child's hand print is something you can cherish forever. Small children will let you dip their hand into a ceramic mixture to do this very easily. They enjoy the way that it feels. Another great way to get a hand print is to use a paintbrush and place paint on their hand this way. You can then lay their hand down on a piece of paper or shirt to get a good print. They usually will not dip their hand into paint on their own. If they do, it will make a huge mess. This is a great alternative way to still get a hand print of your child.

Children learn to color at a very young age. You can watch their improvement over time. Hand them a piece of paper and a crayon. They will start out just making small marks. As they grow and learn, they will start to make circles, lines, and actual pictures. They really enjoy this activity and it is very simple.

Let your child make a collage using stickers. They can place them all over the paper in any way that they want to put them. You can also use cut out paper, pom poms, feathers, or other various items with glue. Place the glue on the item for the child and then let them put it on the paper. They will enjoy making their own page.

Remember children love to get messy and they should be allowed to at this age. Let them try new things. If you are doing crafts with older children, try to change it up a bit so that they can be involved as well. They will learn new things and have a blast in the process.

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