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Arts and crafts for toddlers


Art for toddlers is more about the process and not so much the product.  Children at this age need to explore and make discoveries on their own.  Art projects need to be set up in a way for toddlers to interact with different art materials.  When a toddler is in an uninhibited environment, there probably won't be a product at the end.  Introduce art to your toddler using some of these ideas.

Coffee Filter Drawing

Materials: Coffee filters or paper towel, washable markers

Place your toddler in the highchair or kid-friendly table.  Give each child markers and a coffee filter or paper towel.  Allow the children to use different markers on the coffee filter or paper towel.  Point out the colors that are being used and how the absorbency of the coffee filter will blur the colors together. 

Tracing Feet

Materials:  paper, crayons, marker, and/or paint

Ask your child to stand on the paper and trace their feet.  Then trace your feet and compare the different sizes.  Invite children to color their feet using the crayons, markers or paint.

Chalk It Up

Materials:  colored chalk, paper, hair spray, buttermilk, light starch, sponge

First option - Allow children to draw on the construction paper using colored chalk.  When the art process is finished, spray with hair spray to set the chalk.

Second option - Wet paper using a damp sponge.  Invite children to make designs on the wet paper.

Third option - Use a paintbrush to apply the liquid starch.  Invite children to draw on the paper.

Fourth option - Brush buttermilk onto the paper then allow children to draw.

No Glue Art

Materials: clear contact paper, blue tape,  feathers, cotton balls, pom-poms, foam shapes, ribbon, tissue paper, wrapping paper, felt pieces

Prepare area by cutting a large square from the clear contact paper.  Tape the sides of the contact paper to a wall, sticky side up.  Invite children to stick the art materials to the contact paper.


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