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Arts Alive pt. 2

Parked on the back side of First Street Gallery, the start of part 2 of an evening at Arts Alive
Parked on the back side of First Street Gallery, the start of part 2 of an evening at Arts Alive

To view part one click here.

Part 2 of Arts Alive
Stephen Mercier

Arts Alive features such a varied array of artists and art works that it easy to turn a seemingly dry evening into an appreciation of varied forms of art. While the first half of the night might have left a sour taste after the trip to First Street, the artistic landscape changed quickly after observing some street art and a trip to Piante Gallery.

Outside of First Street Gallery you could find a cool ratted out truck, some Peruvian pan flute players playing tunes to passers by, a typical performance by the local samba group with teenagers in tow like they were the Pied Piper of Humboldt County.

Piante Gallery featured works by local artist Erin Whitman. Her paintings and drawings focused on intimate moments shared by love ones or not so loved ones. With scenes depicting quiet moments in the bedroom one was brought to a place where personal moments were shared with a crowd of people in a bustling art space.

What stood out the most was not found in a traditional gallery space but in storefronts scattered about Old Town. A joint show featuring Charissa Schulze and Becky Grant featured some well-crafted drawings, paintings and ceramic sculptures by the two. Also an installation by Shawn Griggs at Los Bagels in Eureka featuring some original paintings and recreations of larger works truly stood out in a vast field of undiscernibly art for art history sake. Stay tuned for artist spotlights on both Shawn Griggs and Becky Grant with photos and an interview with both artists.

Rounding out the night was a trip to Accident Gallery where the Sheik Vs. Wong show was coming to a close. I was met with a pleasant surprise while perusing the show as Sheik and Wong approached and gave props for an article written last month about their show. After receiving a free t-shirt and kind words from the two, I left with a renewed sense of purpose; finally feeling like my words mattered as a journalist and to keep pushing, keep writing through the driest and freshest of artistic events.


  • Kathy 5 years ago

    Great pics. It's like a walking tour without the walking.

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