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ArtRage software, art of the future

Nothing will ever replace the tactile feeling of swishing a brush or palette knife onto a canvas and the three-dimensional texture that occurs from the layers of paint. However, ArtRage is a software that can digitally mimic the experience. This can be a learning adventure for kids to try out different media without chemicals (oil paints can be toxic) and their clean-up. This has been so successful as a scholastic tool that ArtRage for iPod has been named the winner of the 2014 Parents’ Choice Gold Award in the category of Best Mobile Apps. This news was revealed yesterday, Mar. 29, 2014.

Parents' Choice cites their reasons for praising this product:

ArtRage does a pretty remarkable job of imitating not only the professional tools and paints of artists, but also the 3 dimensional way artistic mediums react and build on a canvas. For example, a hunk of oil paint can be squeezed out of a tube of paint and it sits realistically on your canvas waiting to be spread and molded with great accuracy using a palette knife, brush, or any of the other tools. Any tool that is chosen can be manipulated using a finger or a stylus.

Users will be able to see what it's like to use oil paint versus water color, to use standard brushes versus an air brush, and all with the ability to "undo" anything they have done—the natural benefit of working digitally. For children, especially, this is a great way to explore and practice without messy consequences.

While this app can't replace the real-world feeling of actually spreading paint across a real canvas, this is the closest one can come while in the backseat of a car or without the physical mess in all over the house. It is a great way for kids and adults to learn how to employ some of the tools used in traditional art making prior to trying them on a real (and expensive) canvas, or to sketch out some ideas in different ways first prior to committing them to a real (and expensive) canvas.

ArtRage comes with a wide selection of tools and brushes and also provides layers with available Photoshop-like blending modes, and the ability to import photographs to use as tracing templates or as actual paint. Brush strokes can even be recorded then played back in the desktop version of the program—like a movie!”

ArtRage is exhibiting at booth #632 at the NAEA ( National Art Educators Association) convention this weekend, which is in San Diego, CA. The latest versions of the product will be on display. The software is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. The desktop versions are more advanced and priced to match the extra features. You can purchase the software from either the ArtRage website or the mobile versions via iTunes. Furthermore, there are tutorials and contests on deviantArt.

What do you think of this art of the future? We want to here from you. Comment below.

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