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ArtPop event at Bubble Charlotte will feature 20 local artists

ArtPop event at Bubble Charlotte will feature 20 local artists
Bubble Charlotte/Facebook

Those who have been following information about ArtPop are aware that tonight the event at Bubble Charlotte will feature 20 local artists with work that was chosen to be featured in 2014 on local billboards.

Those interested in joining The Arts and Science Council Young Donor Society and Arts and Science Council at Bubble Charlotte this evening for the ArtPop event from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. will find Bubble Charlotte located at 210 East Trade Street in Charlotte.

While Admission to the ArtPop event at Bubble Charlotte is free, a donation of $5 to the Arts and Science Council will include a glass of champagne and appetizers.

ArtPop invites artists to submit applications at no cost to them. Selected artist will be featured in various locations.

To learn more about ArtPop, view Charlotte Culture Guide and learn locations throughout Charlotte where billboards featuring local artists are located.

ArtPop promotes artists from the area by featuring their work on local billboards. Donations of space from Out of Home has helped make this possible. Juried work of chosen artists is currently being displayed.

Arts and Science Council is partnering with Adams Outdoor Advertising for this program that features the following selected artists for 2014:

Tina Alberni, Betsy Birkner, Natalie Bork, Melody Cassen, Pam Cosper, Sharon Dowell, Jonathan Graeul, Thomas Haapapuro, Carmella Jarvi, Jerry Kirk, John Ashley Knight, Pauline Dove Lamal, Flavia Lovatelli, Monique Luck, Ruth Ava Lyons, Wan Marsh, Ben Premaux, Tim Sheaffer, Joann Sieburg-Baker and Leigh B. Williams.

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