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Artizen Dolphin Surround Heating Iron

By: Artizen USA
By: Artizen USA
Photography By: Artizen USA

One tool that does it all. Innovative technology gives new form to creative hair design!

The unique Artizen Dolphin Hydro-Ionic Surround Heating Iron utilizes innovative Hydro-Ionic technology to create shiny, smooth and healthy hair. The Hydro-Ions penetrate deep into the cortex of your hair, locking the bonds into place for longer lasting hairstyles. Infrared heat allows damp to dry hairstyling without any cuticle burn. The addition of tourmaline increases the shine even more as it leaves your hair feeling and looking healthy.

The Artizen Professional Dolphin Iron is their signature appliance, combining the best attributes of flat irons and curling irons for salon clients and salon professionals alike. These special Artizen Dolphin Irons deliver controlled even temperatures over all sides of the conical chrome outer surfaces. The 1.25” ceramic plates are designed for the optimum penetration of heat. This AR-5700 Dolphin Iron includes digital controls for fast adjustments and built-in surge protection with a heavy duty ten foot swivel cord. A dolphin sound alerts you of temperature changes. Plus, there is an automatic safety shut-off, if not used for more than 20 minutes.

Surround Heating Technology: Artizen is the first and only professional brand to integrate Surround Heating technology into flat irons. Only the Artizen Dolphin Iron utilizes plates to amplify heat from the inside out as they creatively transform any hair type into beautiful new styles. The Dolphin is the ultimate tool for any woman to create versatile styles, from sleek straight hair and spiral curls to romantic waves and upstyles for any special occasion. The Dolphin was designed to assist professional hair designers for their artistic salon work, as well as for clients to easily use at home between salon visits. Artizen knows that superior technology gives creative hair design its form.

Innovative Artizen Technologies: President of Artizen, Ernie Brauchli shares, “Many women are concerned about the potential of drying out and damaging their hair when using hairstyle appliances at home. The Artizen Dolphin irons emit positive hydro-ions that control the moisture to lock the hair bonds into a new shape, while conditioning the hair and creating desired long lasting hairstyles. In the development of our Hydro-Ionic System, we did extensive molecular research to study the advantages for when and how the ceramic plate is heated with tourmaline. We focused on the hydrogen ion that was produced. Then we determined how to amplify this activity to safely create healthier, shinier, smoother and more supple hair.”

Eco-Friendly Appliances: With a holistic ‘Green Mission’, Artizen is a system created of many special components that work in synergy. These appliances are conceived in a belief of complete hair health with long-lasting quality performance. It is important to consider your physical, mental and social conditions for the creation of beautiful hair designs. With this in mind, Artizen has created advanced technologies with ergonomically correct lightweight tools to produce a balanced Zen-like expression of glamour and style. Now everyone can use Artizen irons to create easy, beautiful, artistic styles with a healthy, shiny finish.

Artizen ~ Technology That Gives Creativity Form! Women of all ages love the Dolphin Iron! Artizen USA is a distinctively different line of professional salon appliances and tools that are perfect for any woman to use at home or for travel. Artizen salon appliances are available from top salons across the globe as well as for online retail purchases. For more information and to find a retailer near you, contact Artizen USA at 800-447-2718, email or visit

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