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Artists' views of Gervais Street Bridge celebrates American Rivers Month at 300 Senate



June is American Rivers Month and the gallery restaurant 300 Senate is celebrating with its inaugural exhibition, BridgeWorks, a visual salute to Columbia’s iconic bridgesAn expansive view of the Congaree River inspired Dupre Percival of to mount, as the gallery restaurant’s first organized exhibition, a tribute to the bridges.The Congaree River and the bridge span are visible from the gallery restaurant’s deck, and the old brick gallery walls on which BridgeWorks is showcased parallel the river.\The montage, BridgeWorks, comprises both abstract and representational paintings as well as art some of the community’s most notable, as well as up-and-coming artists.The largest piece in the montage is by Paula Bowers, in-demand art teacher and Art Shack gallery director.Ellin Baskin contributed the most individual paintings, each depicting a different view of the bridge. “I’ve crossed the bridge from the west side all my life, including the period of time I came over to study art with Edmund Yaghjian at the Columbia Museum of Art School, but never thought I’d paint the bridge until a few years ago. Now I’ve painted it in every season, every time of day.”Art photography by Dr. Fred McElveen provides counterpoint to W. Thomas Smith Jr’s photo image of the bridge that appeared on last year’s Southern Bell phone book cover.Like the always-changing river, the exhibition will continue growing with art throughout National Rivers Month, cresting around the end of the month. The composite works will remain on view through summer.

BridgeWorks may be seen Monday through Friday between during the restaurant’s luncheon serving hours, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The restaurant, part of the Canal at Senate complex, is located where the Vista meets the river.

Other art and photography displays are also on view throughout the

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