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Artists on the Rise in Las Vegas at the Celebrity Center

2014 has finally arrived and people flock to Las Vegas for the hip-hop/R&B shows on a constant basis. However, it’s a pleasure to announce, more importantly to uplift the young and gifted “Artists On The Rise” extravaganza- scheduled for February 22, 2014- inside the Celebrity Center at 2761 Emerson.

The future artists of America and beyond..
Will Mon-Urban Culture Magazine
After the show...
Action Words Entertainment

We all know that music is the universal language resulting in folks of different nationalities-uniting together as “one nation under a groove- getting down for the funk of it.” Nonetheless, the mission for the infamous Will Mon, aka, Will Montgomery, CEO of Urban Culture Magazine, pinpointed a particular need in his home-town of Vegas; which is saturated with every genre of musical artistry. Montgomery set out to fill it! As a result, many people look forward each and every-time when the Urban Culture Magazine presents the "Young Concert Series - Artists on the Rise” held semi-annually.

Who's going to be there?

Young, national recording artists, actors/actresses, fashion entrepreneurs and home-town performers travel from all over the country to rep their hood, in addition to unmasking their personal style of talented magnificence.

Noticeably, the entire month of December, '13, during a time when the season should have been jolly, a great deal of slave movies aired candidly in rotation on certain television networks. Of course, these types of movies reminded millions of viewers of the unjust treatment that African American people forced to endure; nevertheless, those days will never be repeated.

In saying that, February is the shortest month of the year; therefore, various cultures of people will be honoring Black History Month in February. With that being said, this is a great time to celebrate Black History Month in Las Vegas encouraging the many “Artists On The Rise." Be there!

While you're in Vegas, the parties never ever stop. So, after the Young Concert Series, go ahead and attend some of the many shows or check out one of the hottest, national recording hip-hop performer that most definitely already arrived!

Need more information? Don't stop reading.

“Young Concert Series- Hosted by #blakehightower "Everybody Hates Chris," hip-hop artist, aka, "B." Featuring 106 & Park #REMIXX, America's Got Talent #LELABROWN- Los Prettieboyz -HOT SINGLE, heard ON "HOT 97.5" Las Vegas. Plus, it’s an ALL AGE EVENT and everybody is welcomed. Doors open at 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Urban Culture Magazine and Urbannews702 — with Lynn Lumpkin and Renee Hayes will be in the hot spot" According to Will Mon.

After the show... stated "This February and March, 2 Chainz will tour behind his sophomore release "B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time," and he's bringing along fellow rapper -- and past collaborator -- Pusha T."

The "I'm Different" 2 Chainz is undoubtedly cut from a different fabric, along with PUSHA T. These two will be performing at the "hottest club in America," according to Billboard Magazine, right inside The Joint on February 22, 2014.

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10 p.m.- 2 a.m., beginning February 1, 2014 - where you'll hear informative, laughter, fun, love, peace and a whole lot of soul music.

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