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Artists of the past included horses in their masterpieces

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Horses have always helped humanity and still do today. In the past, horses were used for travel and in wars. Can you imagine General George Washington riding his horse during the Revolutionary War and leading his troops to victory? General Washington really did pass through Newark, New Jersey during a retreat; he passed the Plume house in 1776 with his army, and they all rode their horses. Many horses died in battle, and they were loyal to their soldiers till their last moments. When artists created sculptures across America, they never forgot the valor of horses in wars of the past, so they included horses in their masterpieces. In Newark, New Jersey, there are two statues that contain horses: General George Washington statue and the War of America statue.

At Washington Park, the General George Washington statue, a bronze masterpiece, is a work of art where General Washington stands in front of his horse. The lifelike figure of General Washington is remarkable, and his horse looks so powerful and strong. Massey J. Rhind created the General George Washington sculpture in 1914. The creation of the statue is based on a true story, for there were several important Revolutionary War battles that were fought in Washington Park.

War of America statue, a huge sculpture created by Gutzon Borglum in 1926, the same sculptor who carved the presidents heads on Mt. Rushmore, contains figures of men, women and two horses. The horses look as if they are running with the courage of horses in battle. Even though it was created in the past, this work of art is dedicated to all those who died in wars to defend our democracy.

Today there are 300 breeds of horses in the world that continue to serve mankind. There are therapeutic horses, working horses and ceremonial horses - - just to name a few examples. In the past, horses were heroic in battle. Without the courage and power of these majestic creatures, we would not be free today.