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Artists Go Green--gallery show at the Austin Area Art Center

The Artists Go Green Show is a very unique show featuring recycled materials or items that otherwise would be thrown away.
The Artists Go Green Show is a very unique show featuring recycled materials or items that otherwise would be thrown away.
@ Solid Rock Photography

The March show at the Austin Area Art Center is well, a little bit of recycled art--not in the sense of already being at the center but that has recycled materials in it. This show is a one of a kind show featuring the works of members who put time, money, and other resources into creating new works of art using recycled materials literally. From old warn out yarn to metal off of a tailpipe perhaps, it is sure to be a unique show.

Members did some new work and some just brought out other stiff they have in storage for the Artists Go Green Show!
@ Solid Rock Photography

Yvonne Jondal put her creative mind to work and came up with a one of a kind lamp shade made out of it mostly natural fibers--weeds, kleenex, freezer wrap, and watered down glue. In talking with Yvonne, she stated that it took more time to collect the weeds from the meadow then it did to put it all together. “I have several of these at home and they really light up nicely. The light just radiates through them, “ stated Yvonne. The part that took the longest though was just the drying of the glue. Thankfully, she had other things to do while that happened.

Jim Wegner found a real gem lately and decided to turn it into something that, “just sparkled.” Several years ago he found a piece of metal perhaps in a parking lot that he just recently found in a box he was going through to see if he should keep the contents. He took it with him to the art center were he took this combination of shine and rust and turned it into a work of art. Oracle is the piece’s name as it spoke to Jim when he found this gem once again!

Jim brought two other pieces out to this show that brought back his graduate school years in Colorado as well as his eight trips to London on the London Dash with students from Riverland Community College. The tapestry piece was something that Jim started when he was in Boulder at graduate school. He, coming from the prairie, thought the shapes and textures of all of the rocks were really neat. These shapes then enveloped his mind where he started a project of expanding elements. The London Dash piece came from many different posts, billboards, signs and more all from his many trips to London as a Riverland Community College Instructor.

These works and others are on display from February 29-April 1 Wednesdays through Sunday’s 12-4pm at the Austin Area Art Center’s Go Green Show. Come out to the open house on Sunday, March 4 from 1-4pm to engage the artists and see their beautiful art pieces.