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Artists Find a Home in Federal Hill

It began almost 35 years ago in Baltimore, when then Mayor, Donald Schaeffer, decided with the Rouse Company ( creators of Columbia City), to remodel the Baltimore Bay, and establish the now famous INNER HARBOR.

Featured artists at School 33. Blown Glass by Alison Stigora (2100*)
Featured artists at School 33. Blown Glass by Alison Stigora (2100*)
Rene Trevino
Feature artist, Kyle Bauer.

Big money has moved into Baltimore, the Convention Center is making money, hotel chains have moved in and housing costs have hit prime in and around Federal Hill for newcomers. On weekends especially, the upwardly mobile pack the pubs and restaurants to overflow, the likes residents of the area prior to the 1970's, have never seen. and now there is School 33. Since 1979, it converted to an Art Center, showing work of professionals, and visionary artists. The original purpose of the building has been preserved, with art classes for children and adults.

My visit at the time was the showing of the exhibition, WITHOUT BOUNDARY, featuring 7 artists, indulging in the abstraction, using simple objects; some pieces using thousands of drinking cups, others mural like covering an entire classroom wall.

This type of art being so large, would be attractive lovers with an appetite for larger than life objects of art, and with the Federal Hill community attracting the new breed of residents and frolickers, these artists, might just have found a home, in Federal Hill.

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