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Artists' coincidences: Wes Muntain and Alexandra Cabri

Social media and Facebook are great places to discover art and artists. Two artists’ works with whom I am familiar appeared this week that provoke comparison and contrast. Wes Muntain is a printmaker who makes her art at the Lee Arts Center studio. Alexandra Cabri is an artist from Los Angeles who is also a friend.

Wes Muntain, Mermaid print
Wes Muntain, Stifel & Capra

Alexandra Cabri has been painting elegant appearing women who are often garbed in striking clothing and passionate poses. Her work as a painter is distinguished by exceptional quality and finish that is consistent throughout her body of work that is surely enormous.

Wes Muntain has produced many prints that have to do with the environment and landscapes, but during the past year or so, we have seen many more treatments of women. This week, Stifel & Capra Gallery featured a print of Wes’ mermaid. It is a slender figure that swims harmoniously with the seaweed.

Alexandra Cabri shared a painting of a woman who appears as a butterfly with symmetrical shape, but look at that little face. It is solemn and blissful.

See Wes Muntain’s work at Stifel & Capra.

Stifel & Capra
260 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046
(703) 533-3557

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