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Artistic, tasty creations to your door with Stanton Isle, TTime Organics

Artistic, tasty creations to your door with Stanton Isle, TTime Organics
Artistic, tasty creations to your door with Stanton Isle, TTime Organics
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Art and artisan food . . . hand in hand with Stanton Isle and its sister company, TTime Organics, both shops. You order things to be sent right to your door! I was very glad to be hosted to experience them. Owner and artist Tania Stanton makes sure that everything on her site is hand-roasted, hand blended and homemade. She also collects vintage things and upcycles them.

DODO organic espresso balls come in 5 flavors of different chocolates in one pack! Keep them on your office desk and you're sure to be oh-so-popular. The coffee inside is of a much higher quality than the usual espresso balls, with a good deal of snap.

Chickpea Snack in Spicy Mexican Fiesta Flavor are these crispy, chiffonaded garbanzo beans.They're vegan! If you like Funions, you'll love these. They've got a spicy kick and are great with a beer (or three!).

Nani's vanilla masala chai are Indian tea bags spiced with cinnamon, ginger and clove. You serve it with milk and honey for a warming drink. They're very fragrant upon opening: you smell the Silk Road! That's no coincidence; did you know that "chai" is the word for tea in Hindi, Russian, many Chinese dialects, Sanskrit, Turkish, Czech and Farsi?

As for coffees, Mudslide is a blend of chocolate, coconut and vanilla flavoring estate-shade grown Colombian coffee. It's got cocoa notes, but not artificial flavors. I also noticed roasted notes.

Cafe' Femenino Mexico is grown, produced and traded exclusively by a group of women in Southern Chiapas state. The women control the proceeds of the sale of their crops. It's noted as being medium bodied with a bright nutty flavor and subtle sweetness. It's bright, but not overly snappy.

Congo Kivu Limited is created in the Democratic Republic of Congo, despite a civil war going on. It's noted as having notes of vanilla, plum and blackberry in a medium-dark roast. I noticed nutty flavors, too. I ground it to work with my French press and made a cold drip coffee overnight in the fridge, just like a Michelin restaurant I went to in Taiwan did. Fantastic!

There are also special seasonings available: Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is hand-smoked Pacific salt. They describe it as a "lightly fruity flavor" -- it's natural and great with steak. This is a completely different creature than the artificially flavored smoked salts on the market.

Hawaiian Black Lava is a active charcoal-coated nubbly salt with health benefits. The flavor is very salty: a little dab will do you. It makes a great finishing/garnishing salt.

Organic Herb Blend has a blend of different aromatics, like chopped scallions. A sprinkle is such a great addition in hot chicken soup, you wouldn't believe it!

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