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Artistic, tasty creations to your door with Stanton Isle, TTime Organics

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Art and artisan food . . . hand in hand with Stanton Isle and its sister company, TTime Organics, both shops. You order things to be sent right to your door! I was very glad to be hosted to experience them. Owner and artist Tania Stanton makes sure that everything on her site is hand-roasted, hand blended and homemade. She also collects vintage things and upcycles them.

DODO organic espresso balls come in 5 flavors of different chocolates in one pack! Keep them on your office desk and you're sure to be oh-so-popular. The coffee inside is of a much higher quality than the usual espresso balls, with a good deal of snap.

Chickpea Snack in Spicy Mexican Fiesta Flavor are these crispy, chiffonaded garbanzo beans.They're vegan! If you like Funions, you'll love these. They've got a spicy kick and are great with a beer (or three!).

Nani's vanilla masala chai are Indian tea bags spiced with cinnamon, ginger and clove. You serve it with milk and honey for a warming drink. They're very fragrant upon opening: you smell the Silk Road! That's no coincidence; did you know that "chai" is the word for tea in Hindi, Russian, many Chinese dialects, Sanskrit, Turkish, Czech and Farsi?

As for coffees, Mudslide is a blend of chocolate, coconut and vanilla flavoring estate-shade grown Colombian coffee. It's got cocoa notes, but not artificial flavors. I also noticed roasted notes.

Cafe' Femenino Mexico is grown, produced and traded exclusively by a group of women in Southern Chiapas state. The women control the proceeds of the sale of their crops. It's noted as being medium bodied with a bright nutty flavor and subtle sweetness. It's bright, but not overly snappy.

Congo Kivu Limited is created in the Democratic Republic of Congo, despite a civil war going on. It's noted as having notes of vanilla, plum and blackberry in a medium-dark roast. I noticed nutty flavors, too. I ground it to work with my French press and made a cold drip coffee overnight in the fridge, just like a Michelin restaurant I went to in Taiwan did. Fantastic!

There are also special seasonings available: Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt is hand-smoked Pacific salt. They describe it as a "lightly fruity flavor" -- it's natural and great with steak. This is a completely different creature than the artificially flavored smoked salts on the market.

Hawaiian Black Lava is a active charcoal-coated nubbly salt with health benefits. The flavor is very salty: a little dab will do you. It makes a great finishing/garnishing salt.

Organic Herb Blend has a blend of different aromatics, like chopped scallions. A sprinkle is such a great addition in hot chicken soup, you wouldn't believe it!