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Artistic Opportunities with the Art Center and Oak Park Mall

The Logo for the Austin Area Art Center is a result of an art contest held in 2011!
The Logo for the Austin Area Art Center is a result of an art contest held in 2011!
© Austin Area Art Center

The Austin Area Art Center has a very unique relationship with the Oak Park Mall in that they do not pay for their space. The center just pays their utilities which could be less if we lowered the ceiling in there, put better lights in and more. To improve our facility takes volunteers.

Another way you could help is to organize our artists around the different mall events that the center gets to participate in for free as artists. March 3, is a craft fair at the Oak Park Mall. Had there been someone to organize it, the center could have been in it for free as long as all participating artists run their sales through the center!

There is another such event on March 24 as Younkers took the lead in creating Kids Day. There are many things going on in the mall that day and there is a need for someone to organize the artists who would like to display their art. Dustin DeBoer of Solid Rock Photography will also be doing kid portraits that day and will be donating a certain percentage of profit back to the center much like he is doing for the Dog Park Fundraiser. Long and short of it, if someone would step forward and organize that event, again, free space for us to sell our wares, members could sell art. Without that person though, even mentioning it is wasted space.

March 24 with be a big day. The center needs to take advantage of it. As more such mall wide events take place the center needs volunteers to help pull them off. The Art Center has already agreed to do face painting the day for free for the kids. The center is only limited by our personnel so please if you can volunteer to organize such events, that would be great. Just let the center know ASAP that you would be willing to do this. Email, Facebook, Twitter or call them at 507-433-8451.