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Artistic Channel spirit drawings at the Smokey Crystal

work of JD Aricchi
JD Aricchi

Bright Blessings.

On June 12th, The Smokey Crystal in Woodhaven will host a workshop on Artistic Channel Drawings from Noon til 6 p.m. by reservation only. Artist JD Aricchi will be there to use the elements of the unseen world to embark on the process of creating spirit art. This event is set up for preregistered attendance only.

Spirit Art consists of using traditional mediums for sketch and drawing by channeling. Channeling is the process wherein a person works together with the world of the discarnate to convey information to the world of the living.

Spirit Artistry is not something that is new to the scene. Many readers may be aware of well known Reverend Rita Berkowitz. Author of "The Complete Idiots Guide to Spirit Communication" and Empowering Your Life With Angels", she makes the world of the unseen accessible and can be an excellent source of illumination for those who are questioning just what this form of art is all about.

At this local event, artist JD Aricchi will be using primarily chalk pastels and charcoal on pastel board or paper, and also possibly some acrylic materials. The scope of his work is amazing, and is reflected in his deck, "The Ethereal Oracle". A visit to the website allows a viewing of his pieces and style.

Want to learn more about this marriage of art and spirit communication? You may wish to visit some of our local spiritual communities to experience it first hand. There are many locations here in the Metro Detroit area, and this may be a good way to start your adventures.

Blessed Be.

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