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Artist to watch: Roméo Testa on his debut album and growing up in Los Angeles

Columbia recording artist, Roméo Testa is gearing up to launch his debut album later this year. With his much buzzed about EP, The End, he’s on the track to be music’s next big thing.

Roméo Testa
Tnah Louise

Testa, who grew up in Los Angeles, opened up to about how the city has shaped him as an artist,

“My mom was in the entertainment business, she brought me up around a lot of celebrities…so I grew very numb to that, for one…Living in LA is very diverse, you become a lot more accustomed to people’s life decisions…if they’re gay or straight, or black or white…I really value my upbringing…because ...I got to see so many different things and I got to experience so many things that I definitely wouldn’t have if I…grew up anywhere else.”

This openness is a part of what makes him so unique as an artist. On his track “The Hardest Part,” Testa sings about his brother who died of cancer, “So I lost my way in those days so dark, let me waste away ‘cause I’ve been torn apart… everything’s wrong, ‘cause I never got to say goodbye.” The heartbreak in his voice is palpable and similar to that of Ray Lamontagne or Marc Broussard. But, his melodies are more radio friendly, with a pop-rock soulfulness comparable to Sara Bareilles or Bruno Mars.

Testa told AfterBuzz TV that he’s not afraid of being too honest on his albums, because, “if this is gonna be my life I might as well put it all out on the table” This could be in part to his musical influences which include: Adele, Sam Smith, and John Mayer, “He’s (Mayer) my idol…'Continuum' is it for me.”

Testa saw John Mayer perform at The Hollywood Bowl and says this is his dream venue to perform at, “I think that’s where you go when you’re ‘there’…I’ve always wanted to play The Hollywood Bowl.”

A dream of “The Bowl” doesn’t seem too far-fetched; Tesla’s working with Dan Wilson (Adele, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz) on his debut album. The singer/songwriter’s cover of “Light It Up” was produced by hit maker, Dan Heath (Lana Del Rey) and was just placed in a national campaign for 7-Up. With a nationwide commercial, a killer voice, and honest songs, Roméo Testa is definitely an artist to watch!

For more on Roméo Testa visit his website, http://Romé

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