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Artist studios open Fall

Artwork stays a happening event in San Diego's public art studios.
Artwork stays a happening event in San Diego's public art studios.
Adam Benjamin

Unfortunately, finding a life size art studio leaves emerging San Diego artists in a jam. The San Diego Art Institute has the espace that can turn still life into a painter's work story.

At 3830 Ray Street in North Park.

This Fall, the nonprofit organization that centers its work showcasing local artists on the El Prado in Balboa Park opens North Park studio doors to artists selected by Agust 25th for its new Artists-In-Residence program. Visual artists. Performing/video artists. And, sound artists. All get their turn to take an application opportunity before Agust 1st.

Artwork done by an artist does not have to be great. Just quality. And, their career can just be starting. And, they must have nothing of one thing they need. A studio. One they can use during a two and a half month residency to put their work, the work they can give their time to the program to create, on the public block.

The 200 square foot studios have just enough room for the artists-in-residence to take ownership of their own freely created busy work. And work alongside other artists October 1st through December 31st. San Diego Art Institute offers the artists stipends they can ue to show other artists and patrons in the public a story of their work. At a workshop or public seminar.

During the weeks of work on creating art that lasts in San Diego, curators in the area invited by the institute will stop by frequently.

Showcasing artists in the Southern California/Baja Norte region is the Art Institute's usual plan for turning heads towards the new lines of work the local artists create. They put on 4 to 6 weekly rotating exhibits at their main exhibit space on the EL Prado. The Artists-In-residence program is just one more step taken to help local artists work past their limits experienced in life. "We create innovative programs that respond to the needs of the community," the institute says.

Life gives artists work ideas while doing art work in town, ready for a surprise, or, counting on a sure thing to start out on work they will never turn back on. In Fall, the residence studios work will open San Diegans eyes, and ears, to the work done on a clean slate, and, discovered in the institute's public space.

The line continues next week. . . .

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