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Artist Stan Herd and son Evan enjoy time together for fund raising events. July 4th pre event

Tonight's (July 3rd - five to midnight) fund raising event at a Lawrence club, Abe and Jake's Landing, (8 E. 6th St.) is just another of the several that well known area artist Stan Herd and son Evan have enjoyed together since Evan was old enough to follow his father around.  The Lawrence Sound Event Saturday evening costs five dollars; partial proceed go to the Lawrence Community Shelter where Stan has assisted with donations of his art at fundraisers for three years.

Loring Henderson, Director of LCS says, "We appreciate the donation of time and music by the bands. It's great that the young people of Lawrence recognize as a community we are all in this together.  The event will be a fun way to work together to reduce homelessness for families and individuals. Many thanks to them!"

Stan comments, "The concert grew from a desire to create an event for young people in Lawrence to listen to their peers in the music business.  We also wanted to help out the Lawrence Community Shelter.  The combination of events with the Cyclists created a great synergy for the city." (Stan is referring to the second Tour of Lawrence event expected to draw more than four hundred cyclists)

Whether it's synergy or energy, Stan seems to have a lot of it.  He and son Evan ran (and walked) from Lawrence to Cottonwood Falls as a fundraiser for recycling for KDHE four years ago.  "It was the best time of my life...six days out on the tallgrass prairie and Evan."

They also went to NY two years ago and spent a week, serendipitously running into a homeless man who helped Stan create the New York earthwork on Donald Trump's property fifteen years previously.  Stan and Evan have hiked the high mountains in NE New Mexico too. 

What does Stan think of Evan?  "He is a unique young man, very tuned into the planet, and he is teaching me a lot about life.  Both his mother, Janis, and I are very proud of him.

Evening bands include a variety of musical talents: Michael Paull, Big Stack Daddy, Frut Snaxx, Forest of Luxury, Yeti Speak, Atomic Blues, Quiet Corral, Katlyn Conroy, Yes 'ir, Rachel Black, and Elevator Action.


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