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Artist 'Rooky' hopes to change the music business

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We recently wrote about the release of up and coming artist Rooky with his record “Live Forever” featuring the hip-hop legend, DMC. We were excited to sit down with his new protégé, Rooky, and discover a little bit more about the man who caught the eye of a true musical legend. Rooky is a talented artist who has a strong foundation musically and is looking to build his team; but being very smart to not jump in to just any situation, as this is a very strategically successful industry. When asked about his song placement with DMC, he explained that his manager stated he [DMC] had interest in his work, but thought to a certain extent that he was skeptical. He then was able to set up a studio session with DMC. After writing many studio demos for DMC to listen to, he heard, “Live Forever” and believed that was the track to move forward with. Rooky’s manager, Nick Schlatmann, set up the relationship through other A-list artists that he has relationships with, but had his heart set out on promoting someone who is looking to be completely innovative in the industry….so DMC was the ultimate choice.

In creating the video for “Live Forever,” they go on record by saying that they were tired of the traditional hip-hop and pop music video concept and wanted to innovate that by creating a full-on musical motion picture. They scouted locations that were truly cinematic from the beginning. Rooky states, “We’re firm believers in the process, the music, and the single. It needs to be sending the marketing message as the artist.” Rooky also states that it is a true report to the song that he did with DMC; demonstrating that he is very serious about his career and hopes to work with other legacy artists in his innovative approach to bring a new sound and vision to music.

Schlatmann went on record by saying, “I was thinking we could, in some sort of way, make love live forever starting with instrumentals that are different. Rooky liked the idea of a horror film concept because it made him move visually and innovate the first single. There aren’t a lot of artists that have decided to do what Rooky has done. It also makes us wonder why we he decided to do this for our artist’s.” Rooky responded by saying, “I’m just grateful for everything I get through music, I appreciate every person I work with, down to the one who is making the coffee…it’s about making an effort. Everyone is important; we are all in this together.”

Rooky’s manager also went on the record by stating that he thinks DMC should have have his own reality show because of his background and national appeal…so share if you think this is a good idea with your comments so we can make that happen. Rooky’s manager also states that he enjoys working with him because Rooky appreciates what he puts in to the process and is willing to do what it takes. Nick, we commend you for taking the time to make these artists successful, and you’re well on you’re way to making that happen!

They will begin their tour on the East Coast at the Gramercy Theater in Manhattan.