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Artist Richard Sweeney comes to MSU for a free lecture Dec. 1st!

One of Richard Sweeney's paper sculptures.
One of Richard Sweeney's paper sculptures.
Photographer: Unknown

Richard Sweeney combines disciplines of design, photography, craft and sculpture, resulting in a varied output of work including graphic design and public sculpture commissions. Combining hand-craft with computer aided design and CNC manufacturing techniques, Richard seeks to maintain an experimental, hands-on approach, utilizing the unique properties of often mundane materials to discover unique sculptural forms. He has lectured at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna as part of the 2009 Silver architecture lecture series and is a regular guest lecturer at the graphic design department at Sheffield Hallum University. Richard is a partner of Lazerian Studio in Manchester, the United Kingdom.

Sweeney is coming to Michigan State University via their Art & Art History Department on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 from 7-8 p.m. Lecture is free and takes place at South Kedzie Hall, 107. For more information visit Facebook.

To view his current work and learn more about him visit his web site or check out his blog.