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Artist Rebecca Hollifield on board with 'The 4th Letter' (Photos)

On June 21, 2014, artist Rebecca Hollifield's storyboarding came to life on the set of a film. The film is "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon." Recently Hollifield was found working closely on a film trailer-related project with the film's writer and producer Richard Watts, the director of photography Ernesto Lasso de la Vega and the production coordinator Margaret Bishop.

Rebecca Hollifield
Rebecca Hollifield
Rebecca Hollifield, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission
Artist on board
Rebecca Hollifield's Storyboarding, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission

As a result of Hollifield's amazing storyboarding, including others' talents, the film has already been in the process of shooting the trailer/video. It will be used in their upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Hollifield has been on set helping with audio and production design as well. Is there no end to this young lady's talents?

The shoot dates that cast and crew have worked so far have been June 20-21, shooting in Naples and Marco Island. Richard Watts is the film's writer and producer. Hollifield has been on set both days, and the last shoot day for this segment of filming is Sunday, June 22.

As far as we know, Hollifield will continue to offer her artistic talents for future storyboarding for the upcoming feature film. Their current goal is to launch the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

In addition to Richard Watts and Rebecca Hollifield, other cast and crew have included Eddie, Charlie, Val Kuffel, Jared DeAngelo, Austin Graham (a descendant of Ponce de Leon!), Miles Christian-Hart, Margaret Bishop, Arielle Watts, Benjamin Jacob, Ty Landers, Asia Danielle Johnson, Cora Anne Williams, Laurie Gutstein, Erik Krefeld, Zara Amarani, and others.

"Due to the film featuring local history, some of the shooting locations will be in Naples and on Lee County beaches. Since the film's about Juan Ponce de Leon, a re-enactor group from Bradenton, and other groups, have 'signed on' to appear in the film. Such groups are crucial to achieving authenticity (re-enactor Bill Boston).

"The story in the film features an enigmatic Indian - Calusa shaman, (Coacoochee) who oversees a 500 year old secret that involves the Florida panther, the passion flower and the water of a spring on Pine Island, Fla. The character wears a bracelet that identifies his role as overseer." - Richard Watts

All of the above, stated by Watts, is important, but now with Hollifield and her storyboarding, the film is becoming more of a reality. To learn more about the film, enjoy the full slideshow that includes a variety of behind-the-scenes photos shot mostly by Erik Krefeld. Also included are a few of Rebecca Hollifield's storyboard sketches.

Soon to follow is more on this film, and its cast and crew!

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