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Artist of the Television: Paintings Once Again Grace the Walls on TNT's "Dallas"

Artist Willow Lynne Evans: Once Again Paintings Grace the Walls in the Season Finale of "Dallas" on Monday, April 15
Artist Willow Lynne Evans: Once Again Paintings Grace the Walls in the Season Finale of "Dallas" on Monday, April 15
John Blanchette

She Paints Prime Time TV: Art Featured on the Walls of Southfork Ranch for 2nd Season Finale of "Dallas" Monday, April 15

Back in the late 1980s Santa Monica artist Willow Lynne Evans supplied the paintings that hung on the walls of Southfork Ranch on "Dallas" and the home at the "Falcon Crest" winery among other TV series.

This Monday night three of her artworks will again grace the walls in the Season Finale of "Dallas," 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central) on TNT.

"They shipped them all down to Texas for the taping, including a couple of pieces that star of the show Patrick Duffy now has hanging in his house," said Ms. Evans.

Her story in her words follows with links to her artwork:

There are four generations of artists on both sides of my family, which include painters, sculptors, dancers, actors and a poet.

I was offered my first art show at Hama Sushi in Venice when a friend brought a painting of mine that she liked to the owner. I was given two weeks to fill the restaurant with 14 paintings. It was an explosion of creativity.

I was working as a waitress at the time at the Sagebrush Cantina in Culver City. It was a couple of blocks from Lorimar Studios, which is now Sony Studios. It was a fun, light atmosphere with actors, crew and set decorators that came in for lunch.

I made a 4x6 portfolio of pictures of the paintings from the Hama Sushi show, which I carried in my waitress apron and showed around.

The set decorator from the internationally televised weekly series “Dallas” Chuck Rutherford sparked a working relationship with me when he put ten of my paintings on the show and launched my painting career.

From there Actor Patrick Duffy became a collector of my work and Jason Bateman collected nine paintings for his home. I was also asked to paint for "Falcon Crest" who collected 12 canvases in styles that included Deco, Impressionist, Abstract and Native American/Southwestern. Being able to paint in multiple styles has always been an asset for me.

I also painted for one season of "Aaron’s Way." There was an artist in the show so they wanted to buy everything including my easel, which I couldn’t part with. I had truck drivers waiting while I blew dry paintings so they could take them to the set.

I had to quit my waitressing job because I didn’t have time to work both jobs.


Dallas returns on TNT. It’s like going home painting for the show again.

Patrick Duffy found me on Face book and reconnected with me because he had been given the painting titled “Following” when the first Dallas series ended. He had it and another painting of mine that had hung on his wall for twenty years. He wanted the painting from the old show to hang in his office on the new show to tie the two together and they needed to find me to sign off on it.

Through the re-connection I met the great TNT Dallas production designer Richard Berg and connected with their talented set decorator A. Michelle Young. I have now painted two new modern paintings for the show that makes it three painting that can be seen on Dallas Season Two Finale on Monday night. and


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