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I'm on my way to saving 10K
I'm on my way to saving 10K - 549 × 213 - Search by image Page by Larry Lewis

We need to be held accountable for my 'monetary children'.

I've definitely got a money baby. It's a girl.

We'll call her Lira (Italian for money).

I've birthed Lira, nourished her, fed and clothed her. I've also spoiled her, which caused me to have to unspoil her. I've been working on this for the past five years and it has been as amazing as it has been awful. I've started the credit clean up and I am well on my way. I've learned to budget my resources and I'm getting pretty good at that as well.

Lira is trying to grow up. So I am taking a next step.

My goal - Save 10,000 in one year.

My concerns - I'm an impulse buyer breaking the habit. The current economy is cuhrazy (spelled that way on purpose). I wasn't born with the silver spoon and life is expensive in Southern California.

My resources - I am using Mint for real time updates at a glance of all my accounts (aside from one credit card that is not synced and my cash spending, and I am using Microsoft Excel to track those expenses). I've a reliable job, car and rental situation. I also have a wonderful core group of people holding me accountable to my promise to myself.

My prize - A European cruise (purchased on sale), should I succeed in this goal. If I am going to attain an extravagant goal, I am going to give myself an extravagant carrot to keep my eye on!

So, starting November 1st I am taking on this personal challenge. I will give updates, and I hope that you will join me on this journey.

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