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Artist knits boyfriend to bring about humor to hard subject

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It's always been said that if you can't stand your own company how can anyone else. While this is true, loneliness is a real and it can lead to depression and people can even die of loneliness. This is why Noortje de Keijzer has created the knitted boyfriend project to touch on the topic in a humorous way and bring forth a discussion of dating and the realities of what happens when people spend their lives alone.

The knitted boyfriend project is advertised as the perfect cushion to kiss, always flexible and always happy mate that will be there no matter when you need him. He is sold with an illustrated book, and a short video that is not only humorous but also informative of the reality of being lonely. De Keijzer says that it's the ordinary moments in life when it often sets in that you're lonely and alone. Brushing your teeth, watching Netflix, or laying in bed are hard times when you're spending them by yourself.

She hopes that by creating the project, she will be able to bring about a conversation on the subject. De Keijzer has had an overwhelmingly positive response to the project but she claims that she's even pleased to receive negative feedback because it still sparks conversation and people are passionate about it one way or another that they would have an opinion on the topic.

De Keijzer says that she started the project as a therapeutic means for herself so that she would have something to combat her own loneliness, but also it has given her something to laugh about because it's a bit crazy.