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Artist Joy Cho has playful designs for Land of Nod

Artist Joy Cho's products and furnishings for The Land of Nod are fun and playful.
Artist Joy Cho's products and furnishings for The Land of Nod are fun and playful.
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The Land of Nod recently announced an alliance with artist, Joy Cho. Her line is called, Oh Joy! For Nod Collection. There are over 40 colorful and playful pieces for a variety of ages in bedding, lamps, pillows, soft goods and rugs. We especially like her lamps. It is not often that an artist has the exuberance of childhood and is able to translate that into home furnishings.

Artist Joy Cho makes playful furnishings for Land of Nod
Image by Andrea Campbell

We took a special liking to a modern wood-based striped lamp with a shade that sits on top. It is striking because of its unique shape but also, because the shade becomes a part of the base—they are married together.

We were able to catch up to Joy Cho and she answered some questions for an interview. See her responses following.

Q.: Our readers would like to know more about you--can you tell us about your path to design please.

J.: I graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Communications Design (graphic design) and began working in NYC at a boutique ad agency that had mostly fashion clients. That job got my feet wet and instilled my love of fashion. I then transitioned to surface pattern design at Cynthia Rowley and designed the Swell line she had at Target back in the early 2000's. In 2005, I left New York to move to Philly for my boyfriend (now my husband). I started my blog as a place to keep my inspirations during a time when I had a lot of transition. While I had planned to get a new design job in Philly, the blog gained momentum and readership and it helped me launch my own design studio due to the clients I was getting from those who read my blog.

Q.: Your color palette is very joyful; are these colors that you turn to instinctively?

J.: I am definitely drawn to certain color palettes, especially bright pastel combinations. Any colors that would liven up a room or give an extra pop to an outfit automatically brings me a feeling of happiness. It's like I was always meant to live in Southern California.

Q.: We love your bowtie canvas, how apt are you to choose abstract design?

J.: I do love abstract artwork because they go with lots of different things and don't necessarily have to fit a certain theme. I like the versatility of an abstract print because it can fit in a kid's room or any other room in the house.

Q.: Your collection for Land of Nod is so fun and childlike--we know you were inspired by your daughter's (Ruby's) favorite food--can you elaborate?

J.: My daughter Ruby has inspired a lot of my recent work. For the Land of Nod collection in particular, she had just started getting into ice cream. I thought that ice cream would be a fun food to abstract, and with the endless flavor and topping combinations—I mean, who wouldn't want to sleep in a sea of ice cream? This set was designed to mix and match with the other LON collection, called Pattern Party. Pattern Party was inspired by the simple shapes that kids tend to draw when they are first learning how to draw: hearts, stars, and geometric shapes.

Q.: What is on the horizon for Joy?

J.: We have an Oh Joy lifestyle book in the works coming out next Spring!

Also check out the slideshow for some of her products!

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