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Artist Gilda Snowden will be Featured at Whitdel Arts; Jan 10th - Feb 22, 2014

Spotlight on interview with Alonso del Arte about the Gilded show at Whitdel Arts

Gilded January 10 – February 22, 2014; Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 10, 7-10 pm -  postcard for the show, by Kevin McCoy.
Images provided by Alonso del Arte, Used by permission.
Gilda Snowden honored as featured artist in exhibit at Whitdel Arts
Photograph is the property of Gilda Snowden and used by permission.


Exhibit: January 10 – February 22, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 10, 7-10 pm

Whitdel Arts
1250 Hubbard, Suite B1
Detroit, MI 48209

THE INTERVIEW with Alonso del Arte

News of your upcoming art exhibit featuring Gilda Snowden is causing quite the buzz in the local art community; Has the freezing weather caused by the polar vortex affected your plans?

Absolutely, we had to make several adjustments to our plans, but we're still on track to open January 10 at 7 p.m. Back in 2012, when we started planning this show, it did occur to us that there could be a major snowstorm. I just wouldn't have guessed there would be a blast of wind from the North Pole. The snowfall last month affected us, too: we had originally given artists a deadline of December 15 to deliver artwork but we had to extend it to the twentieth.

Who are the people responsible for the conception of the Gilded exhibit?

Craig Paul Nowak and I are co-curators, though Craig made a lot of the hanging decisions, whereas I made more of the bureaucratic stuff.

Craig is a local artist, ArtPrize 2013 finalist, he was in the Red Bull House of Art round 3 and he's maintained close contact with Prof. Snowden since graduating from College for Creative Studies (CCS).

I can credit with bringing me into contact with Prof. Snowden. Also, I am on the Board of the College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts (WSU CFPCA) Alumni Association, and Prof. Snowden is a distinguished WSU CFPCA alumna.

How was the idea for the show conceived?

The idea for the show was "in the air" back in 2011. Matt Hanna (another local artist), myself and who knows how many others thought about it. The catalyst was most likely Craig's 2011 painting.

How did you come to choose Whitdel Arts, the plucky little gallery in Mexicantown for this show?

Craig [Paul Nowak] and I considered a few different galleries in Detroit, and in the end we decided almost subconsciously that Whitdel is the gallery that is both prestigious and down-to-earth. When I told Craig that that Whitdel was booked solid for a year already, he said that was a sign we had chosen the right gallery.

Does this show have anything in common with the Marilyn Zimmerwoman show?

Yes, it does. For one thing, I've had a lot of advice from Donita Simpson, whom, as you know, was a driving force on the Marilyn: Artist as Icon show.

Is it true you were going to keep this show a secret from Gilda until opening day?

We had thought about it, but Rachel Bourgault from Whitdel convinced us that it was just too impractical. For one thing, Prof. Snowden would have found out about it even if all the participants had tried their best to keep up the secrecy, and for another, who wants to go to an homage for Prof. Plato Rainer? (That was the code name we had been using: silver instead of gold, and rain instead of snow).

How many shows have there been about the many ways Gilda has influenced Detroit artists?

This one is actually the first. The retrospective at Oakland University demonstrated that Prof. Gilda Snowden is an important artist and that her oeuvre already spans many years. That's an important thing to say and that's what a retrospective does. This show, on the other hand, although it has somewhat of a retrospective element thanks to some older pieces, is an homage show, in which the artists express their appreciation of Prof. Snowden from their own various vantage points through a portrait of her.

Will the show feature only Gilda's paintings?

No, but paintings do form a significant portion of the show. There are also photographs, drawings, a blacklight book, etc.

Can you pick one new piece in particular to look forward to and one piece we may have seen before at another gallery?

That's a tough question, I could easily name everything that's in the show, it's tough to pick just one new and one old. Let's see... there's a new sculpture by Gabriel Viñas that's very nice. The huge portrait by Jim Pallas you may have seen at George N'Namdi's gallery back in 2012. And there's an older piece that may be a surprise to your younger readers, a beautiful painting by Wang Tun Ping. I better stop right there before I name everything in the show.

You mentioned that there is a mystery man who looks like Vincent van Gogh in Emma Lockridge's photo and he has a special invite?

No one seems to know who the look-a-like is, I asked Emma and she didn't know. We both hope that he will come to the show tonight, whether or not he's wearing that hat. Maybe your article will reach him and he's free tonight.

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