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Artist creates a mural to complement new work, 'Hundred Days' at Z Space

The beginnings of Brendan McCarthy's mural for 'Hundred Days'
The beginnings of Brendan McCarthy's mural for 'Hundred Days'
Photo by Rob Ready

Brendan McCarthy believes in questioning everything. That drew him to street art in the late 90s.

“I got into it because it fascinated me,” he said. “It was something I didn’t understand, and I had no idea how it was done. That’s what I do- I find something I like and I break it down.”

McCarthy, standing on Florida Street in front of Z Space, was working on his latest mural, which will hang in the theater’s lobby for the next show, “Hundred Days.” It’s the story of a young couple who find that because of illness, they won’t have the decades together they had planned – so they decide to pack all those years into the few months they do have.

McCarthy, who's also an actor and musician, looks forward to the show, conceived and composed by folk rock duo Abigail and Shaun Bengson, running February 20 through April 6.

“’Hundred Days’ is going to be awesome,” McCarthy said. “I like things that are off-kilter, that surprise me.”

McCarthy got this job through two people he knows at Z Space: Rob Ready, who works on marketing and business development and Jack Morse, the operation manager. McCarthy’s most recent mural, at Turk and Taylor, is for the upcoming an independent production company that Ready co- founded, PianoFight, so they knew his work and thought he’d be a good person to create something with a “Hundred Days” theme.

McCarthy says it’s satisfying to try and express the concepts of the play through his art.

“What I want to convey is that ‘Hundred Days’ is as new, fresh, and edgy as street art,” he said. “It will take you in ways you’re not expecting.”

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