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Artist adopts an entire nation: USA melting pot by Hanne-Lori Eggemann

Speaking a foreign language at age 17 set aspiring artist, Hanne-Lori Eggemann apart from others in the Chicago neighborhood she emigrated to from Germany in 1959. It helped to shape the talent that would craft her rendition of the USA melting pot we live in today.

California artist Hanne-Lori Eggemann's rendition of the USA melting pot
Hanne-Lori Eggemann

Unique to the seven continents each represents and impressive for their individuality, the faces dressing Hanne-Lori Eggemann’s USA Melting Pot canvas represent truth in living in the USA today. Her trademark palette knife presses cultural diversity and historic change onto images we can’t forget.

Imbued with rich color exclusive to the people she features in her impression of the American melting pot, Hanne-Lori carefully tells a true story about groups of people who emigrated to the United States of America to live in freedom and peace.

Hanne-Lori expresses a sincere desire to live harmoniously with her fellow Americans while not abandoning her culture of origin in USA Melting Pot.

When Coca-Cola released their "Big Game" commercial America is Beautiful, Hanne-Lori saw her USA Melting Pot in motion. There was no debate about language or song.

Memories of 1959 and her favorite beverage Coca-Cola flooded her thoughts when she watched the commercial. Hearing the lyrics to America the Beautiful coupled with faces like those she painted “inspired her even further,” she said.

Hanne-Lori Eggemann is grateful for the inspiration she has gained from family, friends and the many strangers she has learned from in her adopted country.

Bilingual, Hanne-Lori's first language is German followed by English. She speaks both fluently and with pride. Hanne-Lori believes, "America is beautiful and inspires greatness in all people… no matter what language the American speaks."

Note to readers: Hanne-Lori Eggemann is my mother. I believe that when she adopted an entire nation it helped build confidence in my ability to believe in myself and that I could become an adoptive mother.

My mother's gentle nature, compassion for others and ability to see all people as one has taught me that actions do speak louder than words and that words do hurt when used to mock or misrepresent or belittle another human being for their differences.

I appreciate my mother's teachings. I appreciate the gift of patience she demonstrates with color on canvas--and, I appreciate the USA Melting Pot I am so fortunate to live in because of my mother's brave choice to emigrate to the United States of America.

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