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Artist addresses social and political issues in latest Chelsea gallery show

Jakkai Siributr
Jakkai Siributr
Tyler Rollins Fine Art

The Tyler Rollins Fine Art gallery in Chelsea is currently presenting an exhibition of work by renowned Thai artist Jakkai Siributr for the show Transient Shelter. Siributr often addresses religious, social, and political issues in contemporary Thailand. For this exhibition, Siributr presents self-portrait photographs of him wearing elaborately decorated uniforms, which are also on display.

In each photograph, Siributr’s poses emulate those he saw in portraits of his ancestors, many of whom served in royal courtiers. Each uniform is covered in ornaments inspired by Buddhist charms that suggest deeply rooted beliefs that lie within social conventions. Siributr poses in front of shabby backgrounds conveying the process of decay and rebirth alluding to the cycle of life and death.

In addition to the photographs, the show also includes an embroidered is also a tapestry depicting his many ancestors, and there’s also a short video where a uniform jacket is slowly moving underwater and the sound of a burning funeral pyre is playing in the background. The overall theme of the show is that one’s social status is a transitory phase. Siributr’s work has been featured in numerous museums and art fairs across the country and around the world.

At Tyler Rollins Fine Art, 529 W. 20th St., through May 31st. The gallery is open Tues.—Sat. from 10 a.m.—6 p.m.