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Artisanal foods handcrafted in our back yard; Harney & Sons Tea

Over the river and through the woods, Harney & Sons is a destination worthy of an exceptional cup of tea.
Over the river and through the woods, Harney & Sons is a destination worthy of an exceptional cup of tea.
Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Have you ever enjoyed a proper cup of tea? Have you had the pleasure of breathing in the steamy exotic scents of jasmine and bergamot before the warm liquid actually touches your lips? In those exquisite moments tea can transport you to another place. A well-made cup of tea is about so much more than quenching one's thirst, it is a simple luxury that can make any day a special day. Over the river and through the woods, Harney & Sons Fine Teas brings exotic and distant lands to your door step.

Harney & Sons Tea Room

While it may be a little farther a field that your immediate back yard, Harney & Sons Fine Teas is a deserving destinationfor a day trip. This institution devoted to the fine art of tea making began in 1983. John Harney was 53 years old and had learned about the business of tea from British merchant Stanley Mason. When he started on his own many considered Earl Grey and Chamomile exotic. Hard work, perseverance and a lot of help from his family led to accounts with Williams and Sonoma, Ritz Carlton hotels world wide, the iconic Plaza and Waldorf=Astoria hotels in New York City.

Peter sherlock of the Wolfgang Puck restaurant group had this to say, "Harney & Sons Tea has been one of those products that I have introduced to all of my kitchens and Hotels. I was introduced to them while working at the Waldorf=Astoria and The Plaza Hotels in NYC. From then on, I always had to use them in all of my future jobs. I introduced them and used them as the Executive Chef into the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, Regent Wall Street, Stirling Club at Turnberry Las Vegas, JW Marriott Las Vegas. All of my customers ALWAYS enjoyed the flavors of the tea selection. Once you have tasted Harney & Sons Teas, you will use them as your new standard in teas. I have used their teas to smoke some of the food I prepare."

All five of Harney's children and many grandchildren are now involved in the endeavor. In an interview with the New York Times, Mr. Harney speaks of the joy he's found in working with his family. From Lyse's spring break trip to the Island of Manhattan, explaining to the premier hotels of the city why they "HAD" to serve Harney & Sons to Paul's integration of packaging equipment, "Its been fun, a lot of laughs." You can get a glimpse of the family's travels to tea gardens around the world in reports posted on their web site. Eldest son and master blender, Michael, has even written a book on what goes into making a great cup of tea, called The Harney & Sons guide to Tea.

From a selection of 21 varieties of looseleaf and bagged teas in 1990 to the vast of offerings today, enjoying their specially-crafted teas is a treat. Online you can peruse the many offerings including; Green Teas, Black Teas, Oolong Teas, White Tea, Earl Grey, Floral & Jasmine Teas, Herbals (Tisanes), Iced Teas, Decaf Tea, Organic Tea, Fruit "Teas", and Wrapped Sachets for an exceptional cup. At their Tea Rooms you can taste flights of tea and enjoy a locally grown high tea in their cafe.

Visiting Harney & Sons is a sensory experience. The beauty and understated elegance of the shops highlight their main ingredient, the tea. You can sample the daily selections in a perfectly made flight of tea or choose from one of the hundreds of offerings. Some of what you will find are recognizable blends, other's are Harney & Son's own recipes. They are sure to surprise and delight. Essence of chocolate and hazelnut is meant to transport you to Palazzo della Signoria, Florence. Vanilla, caramel and bergamot will inspire thoughts of Paris. A rambling day trip away, Harney & Sons is a passport to the world.

Harney & Sons Millerton
1 Railroad Plaza
Millerton, NY 12546
Tel: 518-789-2121

  • Store Hours Millerton
    Monday-Saturday 10-5
    Sunday 11-4
  • Lunch Hours Millerton
    Monday-Saturday 11-4
    Sunday 12-3

Find a selection of Harney & Sons Fine Teas locally at Terra Americana.

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